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A dream that sprouted up years ago has gotten me to this point I am a(n) Minecraft Streamer, Father And Loyal Husband. Welcome to my stream i hope you enjoy the content i bring. Not only do i stream mimecraft but several other games (mainly minecraft). If you feel my stream can be improved fill free to DM me with your tips or critic's. I will be sure to get back too you.
Donations of $10 or more will yell at me. Thank you so much for helping keep this dream alive. If you donate please leave a message so I can read it on stream! Donations are non-refundable and it is not 100% for sure they will be read/done on stream! I do my best to read them all! I most likely won't watch your link :)
Watch your language... there could be someone from the "younger generation" watching so please be mindful of that.

Do not self promote unless you have the "ok" from me.

Do unto others. I understand this is the internet and there is a lot of "keyboard courage" out there.. but c'mon.. we're all here to have fun..

Do not spam links. Only link something if you have approval from myself or a mod.

As far as music goes, there will be times I'll do requests and play songs you guys want to hear, but if that is not happening, please don't beckon for it.

Meme, but don't meme so hard that you get banned
How old are you? - 25

How tall are you? - 5'8

Bro, doth thou even hoist? - A little bit....

What type of music do you listen to? - Dubstep, Rock, R&B

What is your favorite video-game? - I would have to say it's a tie between the Call Of Duty Collections and Minecraft Both games I played for years and loved them.

If there are any questions not on here that you would like to know the answer to, feel free to ask!