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My name is Matt from Canada and my interests include sculpting replicas based on, The Neverhood, gaming, and the supernatural.

I'm a huge fan of Doug TenNapel (find him at: TheDougShow). You can find some of my work that had been featured on the official Neverhood Facebook page.

From here, I would like to provide live streams of sculpting clay figures and gaming. I'll do my best to provide lessons and tricks from what I've learned.
My first sculpture was many years ago of a Neverhood Klay Bird, made from pottery clay and paper clips. It had taken half a day to complete, you can say it was my last time using pottery clay for this type of work lol.
A Klogg sculpture I had done.

4-day project standing 7 1/2 inches tall, sculpted, painted, and cured using white polymer clay, epoxy, armature wires, and acrylic paints...

It was a very tricky project that had taken a lot of careful attention to detail. Probably one of my best sculptures to-date, aside from Hoborg, which came after.
A Neverhood Mouse & Cheese

This replica was fairly tiny. A piece of a paperclip was used for the tail.
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