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Don't Be a dick (IE play nice with others and don't put each other down we are all here to have fun and to enjoy our selves so lets have a good time.

Don't Ask to become a Mod I will chose mods

DO NOT PUT LINKS IN CHAT!!!! I can not stress this enough if you put a link in the chat with out my permission you will be timed out, further offenders will be banned.

Keep Foul Language to a minimum While my stream is not intended for a younger audience more than half the time younger viewers get into the stream.

No Back Seat Gaming (Unless Asked)
My gaming and editing Rig
● Processor (AMD Ryzen 1800x)
● Ram (16gbs Ripjaws)
● Graphics Card (Asus GTX 1080ti 12gbs)
My Streaming Rig
● Processor (AMD 880k)
● Ram (8 gbs)
● Graphics Card (Gtx 750 2gb)
● Audio Interface (GoXLR Mini)
Mic (Rode Pod Mic XLR)
Audio Interface (GoXLR Mini)
Webcam (Logitech C920 HD Webcam)
Capture cards (Flint 4k Capture Card)
Headphones (Audio Technica ATH-M40x's)
Monitors x4 ( Samsung curved 1080p Monitor, Acer V213HL 1080p Monitor, Samsung 1080p Monitor, Dell 16:10 Monitor)
Check out my YouTube its fun over-there :D
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Enjoying the show ? Want to give me some money, its not required but much appreciated, your donation will be used to better the stream and buy more games to stream. :D