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All the donations I receive are going towards better streaming equipment, like for example my mic has no brad, it was very cheap. Having better quality mic,will grant you, to listen to my annoying voice more better.
Keep this in-mind that if you want to donate you can but, you don't have to it's all your choice.
#My Setup:
**Monitor -** Predator Z35 35inch
**Mouse -** Razer Deathadder Elite
**Keyboard -** Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2
**Mic -** Cheap Mic no Brand
**Headphones -** Razer Kraken Pro (Blue)
**Webcam -** HD Pro Logitech C920
#PC Specs:
**Graphics Card -** NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
**Processor -** i7-6700 3.40GHz
**RAM -** 16,0GB
Hi, I am a **Kropka20PL** also **"Krop"** for short. I'm that guy that enjoys games and tries to improve in any game I play. Having fun with people what join the channel is my number one priority. I try to not take games seriously. But, I'm still in progress of that. I am also a shy person trying to improve communication with people aka Streams. I hope you will enjoy the games I play with the viewers.

I am studing in college, so if there is no stream you know why now. But, I want to keep streaming until someone will enjoy my streams and I don't me one person.
Might start making content in the future or upload just the streams.
Questions asked might go here.
###Who you are?
I am a friendly new coming streamer. (check about me for more info)

###What's your age?
I'm currently 18 years old.

###What games do you play?
**Main Games:** OSU!
**Bored Games:** PUBG, Survival Games, Black Ops 4, Destiny 2
>I am happy to play any game that is requested unless if I don't contain the game I am sorry.
#My instagram account.
If you're interested what I look like, I'm telling you straight away you won't find out. I want to keep my identity hidden for a while until everyone wants to know what I look like in the future.
I'm trying to say I might consider in the future when there are lots of people asking about a face reveal.
#My Twitter.
If you want to see what I post or like feel free, but I don't use twitter often.