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Hey All!

L1fe_Count3r... Where should I begin.

When I was just a kid I remember getting an ingrown toenail removed. When I say one, I mean four on both sides of each of my big toes. OUCH! Fur the next two weeks I remained bed ridden and propelled down the path of pain. All I could think about was when the doctor kept taking each nail out of each side of my big toe and showing me how many bloody barbs were on each one. I didn't know how I was going to survive!

My Father was a single father that raised two boys and he did the only thing he knew. He went out and got me a copy of Final Fantasy VII!! (Seven, don't let the exclamation point fool you).The first Double disk PlayStation (1) Game. I thought how could my father afford this after 4 surgeries. Long story short on that, HE IS THE BEST FATHER KNOW TO MAN!

I played for those 2 weeks. On that couch I grew to be a man. After I walked!

I still walk to this day. Endlessly searching of that FF7 experience. I don't just play RPG's, I play anything that I think looks good. It may not look good to you but that's fine! There are 12 billion streamers LIVE at this very moment...pick your poison. All I ask is that you be kind in the chat. We have a three strike rule around here (adopted from NES Baseball (1983 Classic), three strikes and uuuuuur OUT! DON"T DO That!

Thank you so much for visiting my Page, Channel, Stream, whatever this is. Have fun and Enjoy!

L1fe_Count3r, OUT!