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Welcome everyone and thank you for stopping by!
I'm Natascha and I live in Austria, with my British husband Ralph and our 2 wonderful rescue cats Hero and Lisa.

Things are a uncertain as far as normal life and freedom goes here and some other countries who carry on with restrictions. After a pretty difficult 2021 and being gone from creating or posting anything online, I thought I will try live streaming, after years of watching others and thinking that I want to do the same.

Type of streams: #cats #life #catting #thoughts #birds

Our lovely cats
2 1/2 year-young siblings Lisa (high-speed cat) and Hero (3 legged boy, extremely intelligent, strong and climbs everything he wants).

Our family included with Hero and Lisa 5 cats, but the other 3 were all seniors and have passed on throughout the last two years.

We're currently looking to adopt more cats again, as Hero and Lisa really miss to be in a group of cats. So hopefully there will be some interesting streams, videos and posts once we adopt again, which should not be long from now (May 2022).

Thank you for stopping by!
Natascha and kitties Hero and Lisa