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Welcome to the Cult of Tears!

We're a young yet rapidly growing community of active live streamers, content creators and viewers who support one another, help each other grow and improve.

We have a very social and friendly atmosphere where you can find people to play games with, chat or simply share memes.

Please feel free to join us:
About Me:

I'm a 24 year-old Welsh variety streamer living in Germany. I stream a lot of World of Warcraft while I'm trying to get every quest, reputation, dungeon, raid and world event achievement possible on one character.



♦ Mondays and Thursdays 11am - 2pm GMT (12pm - 3pm CET).
♦ Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 1pm - 3pm GMT (2pm - 4pm CET)
♦ Impromptu streams or delays will be announced via. Discord.


Livestreamed games include:

♦ World of Warcraft;
♦ Minecraft
♦ Garry's Mod (TTT, Murder, The Hidden);
♦ FromSoftware Games (Sekiro, Dark Souls, etc.);



♦ Play nice with eachother i.e. don't swear at each other. We might do that in-game on a call but in chat we can't tell if it's good-natured or not.
♦ Talk English in chat.
♦ No backseat gaming; constructive advice is appreciated, however.
♦ Dedicated Lino farmers and bots will be muted.


♦ OddenJo
Want to join the Minecraft server? It's pretty straightforward, all you gotta do is join the Cult of Tears Discord and then find your way down into the Minecraft category!

Please Follow the Minecraft Server Rules;
1. Don't grief other players.
2. If you wanna borrow items from other players, ask first.
3. No cheating i.e, X-Raying etc.
4. Non-admin claims for Nether Fortresses, or End Portals by players will be deleted.
5. No harsh or derogatory language in chat.
6. Please join the Cult of Tears' Discord and post your Minecraft username in the #username chat!