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Hello I am 2.01 meter tall (6.6 Feet btw) thiCC guy ! I smash anime girls for breakfast . In the past I always wanted to stream but I couldnt because I am asian-european A+ student (FML) . This year I finished school and took a break from university to finally try out things I always wanted in life! I hope we will build friendly-toxic wholesome community and have fun together with y'all . All jokes aside I also can also talk about more serious stuff and have my opinion almost about everything so will be happy to discuss some topics with ya guys <3
2. Don't break any rules
3. Follow rule number 2 with big brain and deep understanding !
4. If we dont get in trouble its fine!
Donations are not required but always appreciated !! <3 Every single cent will go to improving stream quality!!!!
Just to make you feel more rewarded for your donation I am going to do the following (Pretty sure someone has already done same xD)
---10 Lino - Squeeze lemon in my mouth!
---100 Lino - Eat HALF LEMON!
Have not decided on main game yet so I will stream whatever I feel like for now!

I have been playing since I was 4 years old(18 currently) dats a lotta games ! Some examples of what I have played before :
-Counter Strike Global Offensive ( 2 k hours max rank Global Elite)
-Rust ( 3k hours combined most recent game I have played seriously)
-League of Legends ( Since season 5 but never played seriously before so max rank was bronze-silver , this year I finished school and climbed from silver 3 to Plat 4 in 3 months) currently only play casually
-Overwatch , WoW , Black Desert Online , osu! , etc. and almost all popular SP games!
Q : Date of Birth?
A : 15:04:2001 (18 years old quick maths)

Q : When you stream?
A : Working on Schedule , for now whenever!

Q : Steam and discord ?
A :
-Steam :
-Discord : Latsode#9414 (Working on server as well)

Q : Where are you from ?
A : Georgia ( COUNTRY ) Click flag bellow!

Q: What Languages do you speak?
A: English , Georgian and also can understand and read some Russian!