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Sundays @ 11AM CST

Discussion of tabletop role-playing games -- overviews, fundamentals, personalities, and more!

📝 INFORMATIVE: In segment 1 we provide game overviews, system mechanics, how-tos and fundaments; we also dive into sourcebooks and other interesting material.

🧨 IRREVERENT: In segment 2 we provide opinion and commentary on the TTRPG hobby, personalities, and culture.

👫 INTERACTIVE: In segment 3 we welcome YOU to join the show with your questions, thoughts, and opinions. No camera needed, just a microphone, so JOIN US!🎤
• Don't be a jerk. The spirit of the law trumps the letter of the law and every reasonable person knows what 'don't be a jerk' means.

• Some video game streams are considered NSFW, but that doesn't give you license to be a jackass. (See the rule above.)

• Refrain from excessive emojis, CAPS, or any insults/personal attacks directed at viewers or streamers.

• Post links only after receiving the okay from the streaming host.

• Feel free to clip all absurdity. Streamers on this channel have no higher dream than to be in a Streamer Fails video montage.