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Who Are Unity Troop 99?
While we do not want to add an 18+ limit this channel comes with a warning: our goal is to educate people of all ages who are ready to hear the facts of reality in a raw format. We KNOW there are children worldwide presently enduring a persistent trauma who feel alone in the world, because we ourselves were under age when experiencing the trauma that made US. Gain parental/guardian permission before viewing, and watch it with an adult who can debate our stance in terms you'll understand.

We are 10 alien entities living one life: deal with it, the gloves are off, ask me for truths & I'll tell you no lies. To protect ourselves and those we may discuss it is our pleasure to make use of dlive's automatic deletion feature, and we vow that our videos will never be recorded during the stream or allowed to remain on this site beyond 7 days. We also employ the fair use act when streaming copyrighted content, which is only done for the purpose of education and will therefore be made available for free. We want our viewers to actively seek truth, ask questions and research their own facts.

From a medical standpoint we are an individual who is living with a rare mood disorder known as dissociative identity disorder. It is commonly found in cases of extreme early childhood trauma, which was most certainly the case starting at the earliest six months old and at the latest 2 years.

From our perspective we are 10 alien entities sharing this one life, and we have "memories" from a world that is nothing more than a reflection of thought in a parallel reality. From 1998-2002 we experienced 2 worlds at the exact same time, but because we became a unified military troop in spring of 1999 we took on that title.

On a spiritual level we self-identify as Starseed Christians, who have been born again into the family of Jesus and by the will of God were baptized with the Holy Spirit. At age 6 we underwent an unnecessary exorcism which suppressed and split the personality, but at age 9 we asked to be baptized and swiftly found ourselves emerging from the subconscious.

Show Host: Ratal
Co-Host: Balra
1/2 of the primary personality: Leppender
1/2 of the primary personality: Airrizzon
Essence of body: Dalbet
Essence of health: Ralbos
Essence of passion: Tangora
Essence of youth: Chander
Essence of adventure: Saval
Essence of leadership: Otan

It is impossible for you to psychoanalyze us more than we've already done to ourselves, but we invite you to benefit from the fruits of our varied experiences. Over the course of many years we've learned to cooperate with one another, and overcome some of the challenges our unique mental landscape brings us. What we don't remember is far greater than what we do, and if we don't use our experiences to better mankind what was all of our suffering for? Come with us down the rabbit hole, so we can take you on a journey through science, psychology, sociology, metaphysics and faith.