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Who Are Unity Troop 99?
To protect ourselves and those we may discuss it is our pleasure to make use of dlive's automatic deletion feature, and we vow that our videos will never be recorded during the stream or allowed to remain on this site beyond 7 days. We also employ the fair use act when streaming copyrighted content, which is only done for the purpose of education and will therefore be made available for free. We want our viewers to actively seek truth, ask questions and research their own facts.

From a medical standpoint we are an individual who is living with a rare mood disorder known as dissociative identity disorder. It is commonly found in cases of extreme early childhood trauma, which was most certainly the case starting at the earliest six months old and at the latest 2 years.
From our perspective we are 10 alien entities sharing this one life, and we have "memories" from a world that is nothing more than a reflection of thought in a parallel reality. From 1998-2002 we experienced 2 worlds at the exact same time, but because we became a unified military troop in spring of 1999 we took on that title.
On a spiritual level we self-identify as Starseed Christians, who have been born again into the family of Jesus and by the will of God were baptized with the Holy Spirit. At age 6 we underwent an unnecessary exorcism which suppressed and split the personality, but at age 9 we asked to be baptized and swiftly found ourselves emerging from the subconscious.

Show Host: Ratal
Co-Host: Balra
1/2 of the primary personality: Leppender
1/2 of the primary personality: Airrizzon
Essence of body: Dalbet
Essence of health: Ralbos
Essence of passion: Tangora
Essence of youth: Chander
Essence of adventure: Saval
Essence of leadership: Otan
What do we do?
Between 1998-2002 our mind created a fictional reality to protect our higher brain functions, which commonly happens when a child endures years of unending trauma. What our mind envisioned kept us alive, and it is our dream to share the story with humanity.

On November 1st 2011 we sat down to begin writing the novel of our astral experience, and 8 years later the 4th draft is awaiting its finishing touches. Like the greatest of fictional authours every chapter will have an illustration, and since this is the modern age why not make it in colour? Almost every day I sit down to revise my work, so now you are invited to watch me shape my magnum opus.

Between 2004 and now I've studied a LOT about ancient civilizations, and I've been granted certain insights which pain me to see being ignored. Sometimes Ratal and Balra will get fed up with the state of our world, and when they do you can expect to find a talk show featuring their investigative journey into reality. How come modern currency isn't backed by the gold standard? Did some other form of animalistic empathy predate the furry fad? Why is Britney Spears court troubles a precedent setting violation of the 1948 UN declaration of Human Rights? They've answered all of these and more!

With 10 entities inside one body self-negotiations are constantly taking place, and our success on Dlive encourages the entire Troop to express themselves. Who knows what might happen next? Maybe Dalbet will start singing rock music, or Airrizzon will chastise the temple of satan? Soon all of us plan to do live readings of our novel, but because everything's a negotiation... well that day will come when we're all in the mood to do it!
What If We're Offline?
You can catch up on all of our mischief on twitter! While we reject a LOT of the modern world we DO understand the need for a centred balance, because if we're totally honest all of our human rights depend on democracy's interpretation of how much a person needs to survive (or the definition of disabled).

Over here we try to find news sources that are close to centre, but also from BOTH/ALL sides of the spectrum so it can be critically analyzed by an inquisitive audience. If you WANT to do your own research this is the right channel for you!

This is also where you can find documentation of our creative works. Of course these videos are only available for 7 days, but we make poetic memes and one day hope to create a full length animated feature with something like 40 .PNG images per second.

We are just starting out, and yes we DO have very serious chronic health issues (2x remission from big C to date+more). If we can't stream on a regular schedule we're very sorry, but we'll always try to do something fun for people to appreciate.

If you are against twitter do us a favour, and make your own stream here on dlive. Let's connect RIGHT HERE and grow the web economy, so people with limited funds can one day afford to withdraw their earnings for milk money.
What's Our Secret Agenda?
Of course we're conspiracy nuts at heart, so when we found a very large chunk of sanatized satelite images near the north pole we got excited. Within hours of finding it we experienced a .DOS attack, so battling through it we posted our very first video (which is why it sounds so strange). After backing up and mass distributing the raw data we wiped our PC, and continued investigating the series of images. After making 4 more videos we packed our bags, and moved far north as we could reach.

Of course the medical care in a low population area was a main motivator, but relocating to the sub-arctic would eventually help us learn about the region's history. At first we called it the "Arlis Spur' after a name that popped up in our attempts at cartography, but now we can officially state that THIS is connected to the ancient land-bridge of Beringia!!! In recent years an 8th continent has been categorized under New Zealand, and it gives precedent to the possibility that WE'VE DISCOVERED A LOST CONTINENT!!!

What's the next step? Well since the entire series of images are from 1984 we have an idea of how it looked during a specific period of time, so documenting the ENTIRE strip is another step we'll be taking. After that it'll be our goal to arrange a sponsored science expedition which we fully intend to go on ourselves. For this to work I would need some form of amphibious transport (plane won't work if we'll be taking ground samples), someone who is familiar with satellite photographs from 1984 to interpret changes to the region, a navigation specialist, and a fully trained scientist to ensure I'm cataloging/documenting things accurately (working in pairs is best for accuracy).

As I learned from Dutchsinse when you make a discovery it's yours: you know it in depth, you care about it being understood and appreciated, you want to see it benefit humanity, and you feel driven to see that all of the above happens. We don't know how we're going to get there, but one day we'll be looking at a landscape humans may not have set eyes on since legends of Hyperborea entered Greek mythology.