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I had a foolish notion
To concoct a tasty potion
Made from oily suntan lotion
And endless mad emotion.
It caused my poor wee stomach
A nearly endless commotion.
Possible Facts
I speak the following languages:

Please confine your typing in chat to one of these languages, otherwise I will have nary a scintilla of a notion as to what in tarnation you are speaking about.
Impossible Facts
The Q in Q-Tips stands for quality.
Pineapple is neither pine nor apple.
Carrots are more orange than an orange.
You cannot hum when you hold your nose closed.
You just tried to hum while holding your nose closed.
100% Sober Show Pledge
We eschew the usage of intoxicants and mind altering substances as a life-style choice. Kids, the crap you're smoking is BAD for you.
Why the X Rating?
This program is made by and for adults. "Dirty" words are used quite often. Adult concepts, notions, ideas, examples, expressions, thoughts and feelings are expressed continuously. This is not a channel for the young or the timid. The inexperienced, the tender, the shallow, NetDonna, the dull, the sensitive and the "liberal" will wish to be elsewhere. Quarter is neither asked nor given. The Jolly Roger is hoisted.
Our Sponsor
This show is proud to be sponsored by the GCWASCC&MAS. Their checks are always good and they are always on time.
Misery & Despair. At the end of the day, all is so much dust and ashes. Laughter fades, happiness turns to complacency, we get old, our knees hurt and our bowels are no longer cooperative. The sand runs through your hourglass, willy-nilly and helter skelter. "When you get to the bottom, you go back to the top". Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want to hold MY hand? Get back, Jojo.
YOUR life is NOT more important, valuable, sanctified, special, worthy, crucial or meaningful than my life. If you cannot wrap your head around that fundamental truth, then kindly drag your useless self back to your momma's basement. This is neither open to debate nor discussion. Now grow up.
Do Demons wear pants?
Sure, we all know they have scales and horns and pointy tails and some of them have forked lizard tongues and I am pretty sure some of them wear hats, but do they wear pants? I asked a priest, a rabbi and a minister about this, and all they wanted to do was walk into a bar. You would have thought at least one of them would have ducked, but no. Anyway, if you have thoughts on this, please share them in the chat.
Life is too short to waste your time listening to music you don't like. If I am playing something that you regard as the most dreadful crap you've ever heard, feel free to mute (the song ticker will tell you when that track is over) or go to another channel for awhile. I honestly have no intention to offend, but I am also the first to acknowledge that the music I play is not everyone's cup of tea.