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Gangstalking, New advanced technology
Speak to us, Gracious God, and Guide us by Your spirit of truth, that we may hear and keep your commandment to love. Let us not shrink from the mighty winds or tongues of fire that would fill us with the power to speak and act as your people, Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
Author Of Life, We humbly confess that we fall short of Your intentions for us and for our expectations of ourselves. We want to touch the world with goodness, but often, we withdraw in anxiety and self-concern. We want to live with integrity and stand for truth, but we are torn with uncertainties. We want to show love to others, but we hesitate, wondering if they will love us in return. We want to go about our daily tasks with confidence and joy, but find ourselves struggling with self doubt. Guide us, Oh God, to be who we could be and want to be. Let our worship heal us, renew us, strengthen us, that we may go out in joy and be Led forth in peace. Amen.
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I mostly, post videos about 5G radiation and geoengineering/ weather modification. Are people ever going to wake up?