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Hey everyone, I am a British games developer and I stream me working on my projects. I plan on doing some casual gameplay streams as well and will of course be showing off gameplay of my own games when everything becomes playable.


. English only please, I won't understand you anyway if you type in another language for the most part

. Don't spam, either for linopoints or just to fuck up the chat, as long as you're a real person and chat properly I won't mute you

. Don't break site wide community guidelines, so no doxxing/nudity etc.

I don't give a shit what else you post aside from that, just don't mess with these rules and you'll be fine.

Follower goal bet:

Since this is a thing amongst streamers and so on I thought I'd make a ridiculous bet with the DLive community, since I wanted to make it into a big deal I'm going to set a big goal of 10,000 followers, if I get 10,000 followers I will troll the BBC studios in Manchester. The plan? I will put an it's "Okay to be white" sign outside out of the studio entrance to fuck with them for the lulz and yes, I will record this happening as proof and upload a video to DLive.

My currently released titles:




Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SilverBoarJewellery

I now have a Jewellery shop where I post up my finished products, feel free to check them out. I currently only ship to UK customers but if anyone outside the UK wants to buy feel free to contact me. Just be warned you will need to pay extra shipping costs if you want me to send Jewellery outside the UK.


Tuesday 6:00pm GMT
Thursday 6:00pm GMT
Saturday 6:00pm GMT
Sunday 6:00pm GMT

For Americans:

Tuesday 2:00pm EST
Thursday 2:00pm EST
Saturay 2:00pm EST
Sunday 2:00pm EST

I'm going to stream more regularly now! My goal is to try and get a minimum of 2 hours per stream, feel free to hop by at any of these times.

Small Update: Just decided to move everything ahead and hour.

Discord: https://discord.gg/GSHrqVE

Got a discord link now if people want to hang out and chat, just don't spam!