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I am 38 and have been living in the Philippines for 8 years. Me and my wife had popular local bar restaurant that kept us very busy. When the Pandemic hit in about February we were ordered to close and have been closed ever since. I decided to stream and here I am thanks for hanging out.

My motivation for live streaming is to advance the movement of crypto. Its time for us to free our money from the grips of centralized people who are not looking out for our best interest. I am here taking action to build and shape a future I want to live in... A crypto future! A Bitcoin future!

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Me and my father-in-law at my 7 hectare coconut farm
Planting 2,500 Cacao seedlings on my farm
Planting 2500 Cacao Seedlings on the Island Of Samar
Before Restaurant
After Restaurant
Before Bar
After Bar