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Who Am I?
Hi there and welcome to my space in the interwebs. I'm Lily and a fairly casual gamer with a penchant for classic video games. I also play FFXIV on Lamia with my friends.

My stream schedule is varied right now, I'll let you guys know when I stream.
No Stream on Fridays unless noted as I spend time with my partner this day.

Art and Banter -

Enjoying the Stream? Please buy me a cup!

>Stream Transitionals in the works.
What kind of games I play?
Currently playing Dark Cloud 2 & FFXIV!

Also doing Collab stream w/ my brother, Nyantai, playing through Terraria.

I like to play RPGs, Adventure, Puzzle, and peaceful games like farming/sandbox.

Games in consideration:
-Lunar Silver Star Story
-Dark Cloud 2 (Playing)
-Star Ocean 2
-Tales of Symphonia
-Link to the Past

I'll be returning to FFXIV in Oct '19.
Who do I suggest to follow as well?
Besides me, I have some awesome friends who stream here! Please check them out when they go live~.

Runai - Variety Streamer (FFXIV - Lamia)

Nyantai - NSFW +18 Variety Streamer

Mukichan - FFXIV/Art Streamer (Lamia)
What are the Rules?
1. Please be courteous & kind.
2. No spamming stickers/chat. (Mods will mute.)
3. Do NOT come in here, advertising yourself or another streamer & bash on mines. (Will result in a ban.)
4. Chest will open when I decide to.
5. English only, please.

Thank you for understanding!