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Just your normal casual gamer here who wants to share his experiences with you all. I like to dive into all types of genres for current games and old school. Current setup is mainly PC, although I do occasionally use the Xbox from time to time. I appreciate you stopping by to have a look and please follow my channel if you like what you see.

I don't have days set in stone yet, but will eventually get them set and going for you everyone. You can follow to get notified when I do go live and is well appreciated. It is not mandatory and will still respect you and thank you for stopping by.

~Chat Rules~
I’m pretty laid back here. Cursing and stuff are ok in my book, just be mindful of the room. That being said, I only have three major rules here:

1)No Harassment
I won’t have any of it, sexual or otherwise. Also, any racial, sexist, homophobic, and any other slurs (joking or not) will not be tolerated either. I do have a somewhat of a dark sense of humor but I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed here.

2)No Political or Religious Discussion
I don’t need people arguing about their beliefs, this is not the place for it. I don’t mind a little joke or two but keep it light please.

3)No Spam
Please don’t clutter up the channel with junk. I’d like to try and talk to all of you and I can’t do that if you continuously spam