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The Mission of Lino is to create a value-sharing content economy where content creators, viewers, and all other contributors are fully and fairly incentivized to maximize long-term economic growth in a sustainable way.
Apps utilizing the Lino blockchain do not take any cuts from direct payments between viewers and content creators. 90.1% of any consumption(donation, paid subscription, and etc) will directly go to content creators, while the rest 9.9% will reward LINO Stake holders for voting.
Leveraging the token-incentivized NDN, viewers can utilize their idle network bandwidth and computing resources to provide infrastructure to Lino blockchain while earning LINO as rewards at the same time. In other words, viewers will be able to earn while watching on Lino Apps.
LINO Stake holders vote on validator election as well as governance proposals, and receive Voting Rewards in return. The Voting Rewards come from 9.9% of all consumptions on Lino blockchain.
An App developer on Lino blockchain can issue its own fixed-price IDA that can be used within that app only. IDA, for the first time, makes blockchain-based applications more user-friendly to non-crypto users.
LINO Stake holders will elect the validators and vote for the future updates on Lino blockchain. By decentralizing the ownership, all contributors to Lino blockchain will strive for the prosperity of the Lino ecosystem together.