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*** UPDATE ***
Ladies and gentlemen, we know it's be a while.. .and i sincerely apologize!

And no it wasn't CoVi-19, but it was something as rough on my end...

But we are preparing the good news. We are in the process of making our return to the airwaves! So make sure you keep up with our tiny game show!
UPDATE: GOOD NEWS TO D-LIVERS! Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Do you know how to Challenge Caesar? You need ride on the CASH CAB?
Not afraid of a WIPEOUT?

Then you've come to the right place.

There has always been a golden age of Television and one of those mainstays of television were game shows. (Okay, we're NOT including the time of the Scandals)

Some shows you could win big, some had smaller prizes, and sometimes you went home empty handed.

(And no, we're not talking about reality tv shows).

Well this is our tribute channel to those gameshows, of past, present and future (and a List Wits originals) of games from around the world!

We've got American game shows, British game shows, Canadian, French, Russian, even a Japanese one.

And while we're not giving away thousands and thousands of dollars / euro / lino per week, every show we give away various collectibles that get sent to you with no strings attached!

So as our motto says; WATCH (The show) PLAY (the games)! WIN (the prizes!)
Times are subject to change, due to late starts/delays/technical difficulties, and actual channel participation.

All Times are listed as CST.

6:30 PM to 9:00/9:30 PM

GAMES PLAYED: THE LIST (6:45 up to 7:30 PM)
THE VAULT / ONE PLAYER GAME (if appropriate)
INTERMISSION GAME (15 minutes - up to 8 PM)
THE LIST / 1 PG / Vault (if time/situation allows)


THE LIST (6:45 PM to 7:30 PM)
ONE PLAYER GAME and THE VAULT (if appropriate)

If time/situation allows

THE LIST (6:45 PM to 7:30 PM)
CLOSED or OPEN GAME (8:45 to 9:30 PM, depending on participation)
THE LIST/THE VAULT/1 PG (10PM to 10:45 PM)
ALTERNATE CLOSED OR OPEN GAME (11 PM to 11:45 PM, depending on if time/audience allows for it to occur)
Yes, folks we have chat rules.

First and foremost:


There are NO exceptions to this rule. Yes, we allow innuendos and jokes, but if you don't want your kids seeing it, don't say it.. (and even if you don't mind your kids seeing it, if I Don't want your kids seeing it, THEY WON'T see it or you any further).

Words that you don't use in public DON'T get used here.. or you get permanently removed from the audience.

2. Yes, we get stuff wrong at times (more than we'd like to admit, but unless it AFFECTS the game play of a game, wait until AFTER the show or catch us off air to discuss the issue).

If it affects game play, make it brief and Do Not make it personal. We do not play favorites, and if we miss stuff we will try to correct it on air as quickly as posssible.

3. Troll warnings: See #1
You want to take shots at me, you go right ahead, i know where the line is and if you cross it you get:

* 1 Warning - A verbal warning
* 2 Warnings - Time in the isolation booth
* 3 Warnings - Banned for an episode
* 4 Warnings - You wil never win anything on this show, because you'll be banned from our show til the host feels otherwise.

However, if you attack the participants in the show

If i'm not aware of an ongoing agreed to joke or fun between two or more people, you BETTER make me aware, or it's considered crossing the line (as listed in #1, you're going straight to Warning level #4, NO EXCEPTIONS.


There are only a limited number of games in which we ask the studio audience does not participate from outside the game.

(Wheel of Fortune being one of those few).

Other than that, studio audience participation is often welcome. Besides, it may help you get comfortable enough to actually participate in some of our games for real!
For those of you who have never seen our show, or are interested in seeing how the games work, while we cannot list the rules for every open and closed game, here are the basic rules of our game types


In the upper right corner of our primary screen, you will see our FOUR LETTER WORD puzzles.

To solve this, you simply need to come up wtih one word, which reads vertically from top to bottom, with one letter to each space.

1a) To Play

Each letter will complete a four letter word going across the board, but the only word you need to supply is the VERTICAL word.

_MI?E ------ N? L? K? T?
__B?LL ----- A? E? I? U? Is BOLL a word?
LIN? --- K? E? T?
___?ARN - Lots of letters fit.

REED? NEED? CITY? All are valid words, but this puzzle has only one specific solution.

1b) Entering a solution -

Due to issues with removing their command ability, at the moment, only TWITCH and DLIVE players will be able to solve the 4 Letter Word puzzles at htis time.

If you are on Twitch, you only need to type in the four letter word that you believe the answer is on a single line.

If you are on DLIVE, you need to type in an ! before you type in the four letter word that you believe is ithe answer.

When Restream.IO restores their bot command functionality, hopefully that will give everyone a chance to participate in the four letter word puzzle.

These are small 15 minute games in which the host may have to step away from the stream.

However, we're not going to leave you emtpy handed while we're out. We have a number of "automated" games that run on their own.

Examples of these are What's My Line, the Five Minutes to a Fortune mini-games and Richard Osman's House of Games mini-games.

There are no prize winners during the mini-games, this is just a chance to let you talk among yourselves while the host takes care of off-line business.

This was what started the List Wits Game Show, and the best way to describe this is as "Family Fued without the points".

We will supply you a theme for a list, whether it be a word ("Last" _?_), a topic (Harrison Ford Films), or a miscellaneous category ("Bands named after transportation modes").

After the list is revealed, the game does not start until the host starts the 45 minute timer.

At which point is a free-for-all. Name as many guesses as you can (but only 1 per line!) that fit the list topic.

Note: That at this point, to try to assist the host, we put ALL chats on a 7 second slowdown mode (although we suspect that Twitch doesn't actually use it)

Please note that this is a rapid fire game, which means the host will miss comments and possible answers.

Please note I do try to go back and catch as many as I can, and if you can confirm an answer was given please do so, as our players respect integrity among other players.

At the end of 45 minutes or after a list is completed, three of the answers, (randomly chosen by the computer) will contain one of three "winning slots"

1. A guaranteed small prize
2. A vault shot (See the Vault Panel)
3. A Bonus One Player Game (see the 1PG panel)
During the game, particularly either during the list or earned by wheel spins, players can earn the opportunity to play a one player game, where they're simply playing the game against the computer, wtih no human opponent.

These games are typically considered "Mini-Games" and can include any of the following:

1) The Price is Right games (any one out of 18 games on file)
2) Deal or No Deal
4) Secret Fortune
5) 1 vs 100
6) Monopoly Millionaire's Club - Community Chest/Electric Company (others are in the works)

There are others, but these are our primary six 1 PG setups.

Rewards for playing 1 PG are a guaranteed number of whammies , a small prize, wheels spins, or a die-cast car.

(Disclaimer, some games that total is "1" whammy).
We have two "big game" types, one of which is played on each episode, providing we have enough participants.

There are the 'Open games', in which everyone who is on the chat may participate in the game.

These are typically general scoring games (Jeopardy, Bullseye), or "grand finale" games (where you're playing to get to one final question, such as Concentration, Million Dollar Chance of a Life Time, That's the Question)

The majority of these are standard question and answers, with first correct answers scoring points, or getting whatever the rules apply.

Then we have the CLOSED GAMES. These are the games in which only a limited number of players may take part.

This can be anywhere from 2 to 15 players (yes, there is one game that is 'Closed" with 15 players).

There will be moments of exception of course, in which we may turn a normally open game into a closed game.

Note that even with the games being closed, Audience Participation is welcomed, (with only one real exception and that is the Wheel of Fortune.)

Note that we will always give paritcipation preference in this method:
1) First Time Players
2) Has never won a game on the show
3) Regular Viewers
4) Regular WInners

(Yes, it's a bit socialistic, but in this case, we want as many people participating as possible, right?)

Rules of each game will be explained during the broadcast, both before we start the game and during the broadcast of the game for any interested viewers.
Some of our biggest prizes however, you will never see on screen until they're actually won.

Why Because we lock them away in the VAULT.

These prizes typically are our more valuable prizes we give out, although sometimes we just go with a theme, such as when we were giving away Bowen Hero busts with every vault opening.

But to participate in the Vault, you must either uncovering it during the List game, or win it on our "Wheel".

If you get a shot at the vault, you will see our vault which has four rows of numbers. For each person who gets a shot at hte vault they may remove 0, 1, or 2 numbers (depending on the situation) by selecting rows from the vault

The computer will then make that number unavailable to you, and then using only the remaining visible numbers to select a possible four digit combination to open the vault.

Please note that this section explains why:

Unless something goes drastically wrong during a night, we are giving away 2 PHYSICAL PRIZES a night, minimum. (And we've had nights of 5 or 6 giveaways)

We give away three types of prizes

1) SMALL - These are smaller items, and usually consist of things such as
* Happy Meal Type Collectibles
* Key Rings
* Loose Figures/ 1:64 cars
* Miscellaneous Odss and Ends

* Boxed collectibles
* Board Games
* Die Cast Cars
* Larger Boxed Figures/Sets
* MIscellaneous

* Statuettes/Busts
* Very Large Figures
* Miscellaneous

Yes, Chests seem to be more immediate, but around here, the Chest is not the game.
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Instagram - dasaintfan
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