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Welcome on my dlive Channel! Stay & Enjoy!

Feel Free To Chat with me just read the rules first!

--------------------------------💛About Me💛--------------------------------

Hello, I was streaming on dlive platform science it was on steemit blockchain.
My nickname is Livek but somewhere you will see that I use Livek
and Liveran nicknames. It depends in which game I currently play.
I studied at the University of Technology in the field of Technical IT
education and Automation and Robotics. I obtained a master's degree
in engineering. As a child I always was passionate about the gaming community,
website development and music. I wasn't sure which way to go so I just mix my hobbies.

--------------------------------💛Treasure Chest💛--------------------------------

I try to open the treasure chest every 60 minutes if the minimum amount is inside the box.
Also I add part of linos to the chests from donations I get from the viewers.
The minimum Amount of Linos in Chest to open is 5.
Don't beg me to open the chest!!!
Please read the CHAT RULES section to not get muted or timeout!!!

--------------------------------💛DLive Streaming💛--------------------------------

In DLive streaming platform I want to make content like Game-DEV & Gaming.

Games which I can Stream:

- League of Legends SoloQ Ranked Matches,

- Various PS4 Games.

--------------------------------💛CHAT RULES💛--------------------------------

Be respectful and kind to each other!

No Follow for Follow!

Don't spam!

Don't beg for Chest Open!

No hate speech!

Don't self promote!

Don't post links!

--------------------------------💛STREAM SCHEDULE💛--------------------------------

I will make new schedule when I will stabilize my streaming hours!

This will be a pdf file or some kind of presentation.


All of the Linos goes to upgrading my streaming or helping others!