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Hello, im Jaquan or TaiiNzZ or Loner. I am currently active duty military and i own Loner!

Loner - Fighting PTSD, Depression and Anxiety; Using Gaming, Music, Design and Skating. Learn more at Lonerstore.com

1. Age: 27
2. Job: US Army - Combat Photographer
3. Born: Columbia, SC
4. Favorite Game: Currently Apex
5. Platform - Xbox, PS4, PC
IGNs: Xbox: LG TaiiNzZ, PS4: USAE_LG_TaiiNzZ, PC: zReTaiiNzZ
Mon - Sat
Random Morning Stream and
9 PM est

Weekly Youtube upload
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Whats Goodie - The Names Tbow

Leader of LG (Loner Gaming) - Facebook Gaming Community fb.gg/Lonergaming

CEO of Loner Clothing ( The Clothing was Before the Gaming ) www.Lonerstore.com

- Loner Mission: Fighting PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety - Using Gaming, Fashion, Music, Skating, and Graphic Design.

Schedule - Random streams for Now (Im Active Duty Military)

Any Other Questions Please Ask!!

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This Loner Brand was created to bring awareness to those who suffer from PSTD, Anxiety, and Depression using Fashion, Music, Graphic Design, and Gaming. Loner Clothing EST. Dec 2017

We Design Clothing. We Model. We Game. We Create Music. We Document. Now .. We Skate

Our Current Stream Team includes:

LG TaiiNzZ (Leader)
LG Klutch1017
LG DarthMaul ( fifty-Cal Gaming )
LG UnKnownHenny
LG L3g3nd

*We Are currently Recruiting, if you would like to join LG or our Stream team. Email: Tbow@lonerstore.com