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Here's my two rescue cats. And here's their story...

Louie Fats (Grey Longhair Tabby Mix- born approx 2019) - I met Louie in September of 2021 in the parking lot of a Circle K. The manager explained to me that the family that had him were evicted from their trailer and just sort of left him outside and took off. They were throwing him food and caring for him but he didn't have an actual home. So I took him in. I was *NEVER* a cat person, more into dogs. But Louie was a sweet dude who was in a bad place. As someone who came from adversity myself I could relate with him so I took him in. We've been pals ever since.

Hon. Justice Clarence Biscuits (Shorthair black cat - born 2022) - Clarence showed up at my door one night with another, much meaner feral stray. He was following this cat that was constantly bullying him. Eventually I chased the mean one away and started caring for the little tiny black kitten he was picking on. Eventually Clarence started showing up more often to my doorstep a few nights per week alone. It took a few times of letting him in to stay the night, then letting him out again, before he decided he just wanted to stay on the inside.

Common knowledge is taking in two strays like this is a disaster that requires a month of separate rooms, sniffing through doors and gradually introducing cats to one another. But honestly Louie is the most mellow dude on the planet. He doesn't ask for much. And he's never been aggressive with other animals or people.

Clarence was barely a week from having been a kitten when he started showing up. He's clingy. He's needy. And I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm his new "mom". And Louie sometimes likes to give him a little smack but aside from that there's no hissing, no meowling...no signs of any tension between the two. This was an ULTRA RARE and ODD blessing.

This channel will chronicle some of their adventures as they get to know each other.

You can support the boys here: http://revengeofthecis.com/nightwave