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Welcome to my stream!
I'm Loxy or Lox
I'm 20
Anime and gaming addict
I do plan on getting a capture card as i also have a switch and ps4
I tend to be in chat a lot
My favourite game series are Pokemon, final fantasy and kingdom hearts
- Pokemon
- Sims 2,3,4
- planet zoo
- Mad father
- Ark
- Minecraft
-Variety Saturday
each Saturday (if i can) i will be streaming a bunch of different games as sometimes i find it hard to stick to one so i thought this would be a fun idea ^^ and to celebrate hitting 90 c:
these are the games i currently play on stream
my steam is: Loxy Skyes
feel free to add me ^^
I want to say thank you to:
my amazing mods- clownofQueens (Aka Em) and AliTheArcadianDood
My amazing viewers and friends who support me
Thank you to the dlive team for offering an amazing platform for me to relax and play the games i love and for having a friendly and safe community for viewers and creators
and thank you to Kitsunegem for making these amazing panels for me ^^
you should follow her if you haven't already ^^
i do have a discord server ^^, if you're interested please click the image it is a safe place for everyone so i hope you do consider joining ^^
we now have a point system! the points on this channel are known as Blossoms and they fall from the tree every 10 minutes and active users get 10 c:
Point commands:
!Ditto 5 blossoms
-plays a gif of ditto with a sound effect
!!hug 5 blossoms
-shows a hug gif
!cherry 10 blossoms
shows a gif and plays a sound effect
!thunderbolt 20 blossoms
plays a gif and sound of pikachu
!sim 75 blossoms
lets a watcher choose what sim i make if im doing a sims stream
!jump 100 blossoms
plays a jumpscare
!game 200 blossoms
this allows people in chat to pick from the list of games i have and decide which one i should play during Variety Saturday ^^

(more to be added soon)
list of commands that can be used on my stream ^^
!sr with a youtube link (song requests)
(more to be added soon)