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Welcome to my stream!
I'm Loxy or Lox
I'm 20
Anime and gaming addict
I tend to be in chat a lot
My favourite game series are Pokemon, final fantasy and kingdom hearts
- Pokemon
- Sims 2,3,4
- planet zoo
- Mad father
- Ark
- Minecraft

these are the games i currently play on stream
my steam is: Loxy Skyes
feel free to add me ^^
Stray cat Crossing - 13/05/21 3hrs
list of commands that can be used on my stream ^^
!sr with a youtube link (song requests)

Wheel spins
Follow = 1 wheel spin
Diamond = 1 wheel spin
Host = 2 wheel spins
Ninjaghini = 2 Wheel spins
Ninjet = 3 Wheel spins

(more to be added soon)
we now have a point system! the points on this channel are known as Blossoms and they fall from the tree every 10 minutes and active users get 10 c:
Point commands:
!Ditto 5 blossoms
-plays a gif of ditto with a sound effect
!!hug 5 blossoms
-shows a hug gif
!cherry 10 blossoms
shows a gif and plays a sound effect
!thunderbolt 20 blossoms
plays a gif and sound of pikachu
!sim 75 blossoms
lets a watcher choose what sim i make if im doing a sims stream
!jump 100 blossoms
plays a jumpscare
!game 1250 blossoms
this allows people in chat to pick from the list of games i have and decide which one i should play during Variety Saturday ^^
!eevee 20 Blossoms
plays a cute eevee
!Clown 25 Blossoms
clown c:
!wheel 100 Blossoms
allows the user 1 wheel spin

(more to be added soon)