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1.) For every 10 followers i do 2 Ice-cream 5 linos.
2.) 2 Diamond donate i do 5 Ice-cream.
3.) A ninliaghini donate i do 5 Diamond.
Welcome to the Stream my name is Wheel"s.
I love helping other streamers by donating.
I hope everyone enjoys the music here.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the stream.
That being said kickback, relax, chat and just enjoy the Stream
1.) No Promoting yourself
2.) No Spamming Please
3.) No cursing
We play 100% discord community music submissions here on stream for you all to enjoy.
Please Feel Free to Support the Artists in the stream.
Discord =
Q:) How do you know if it's a donate or for a spin?
A: ) You need to let me know if it's a donate or for a spin.

Q:) How do i enter for a giveaway?
A: ) But typing what you see in the screen.

Q:) When do youdo the giveaways?
A: ) Every 10 folloers.
The one that donates the most at the end of the month gets a prize.
Wheels to spin
0.) Spin only on friday's
1.) To add linos to the chest.
2.) To win linos.
3.) To win games.
Wheel to add to the chest.
Q.) How to spin?
A.) Donate 2 Lemons to spin.

Q:) How do we get a free spin?
A:) If everyone following the rules of the game.

Q:) When do you add your linos into the chest?
A:) When it lands on green.

1.) Red every viewer donates 1 Lemon.
2.) Black every viewer has to wait 2 minutes to spin again.
3.) Blue it's for the streamer to put in linos to the chest.
Wheel to WIN linos.
Q.) How to spin?
A.) Donate 1 Ice-cream to spin.

1.) Red 1 Ice-cream
2.) Black 2 Ice-cream
3.) Blue 1 Diamond
Wheel to win a game or a card.
Q.) How to spin?
A.) Donate 1 Diamond to spin.
A.) Every 25 level you can spin.

Q.) How do i level up?
A.) Join Discord =

1.) Red steam key.
2.) Black sorry nothing.
3.) Blue Ps4 $10 card or Xbox $15 card