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My name is Luftkun. I am an Xbox/Stadia streamer. I play mostly horror games. Dead bMy name is Luftkun. I am an Xbox/Stadia streamer. I play mostly horror games. Dead by Daylight is my favorite.

I am a coffee fiend.
I am a kid of the 80's. My favorite movie is the Tom Savini remake of Night of the Living Dead. Ever since I saw that as kid I have been in love with makeup and FX. I love anything zombie-related.
I love enjoy but was injured a few years ago and had to take time away. After surgeries and recovery, I am way out of shape. Working on that now.
I streamed on Mixer so I am not new to streaming but new to streaming on Twitch.
I have a son, a wonderful wife, 2 dogs, and 3 cats that live with me.
1. Just be nice! We are all people worthy of respect and kindness. (NO RACISM)


3. No back seat viewing. Don't offer up spoilers.

4. Please only share your stream info in between games or during times when I am not playing so I can see it too. I want to follow and support you as well.

I am working on a schedule. I have a son and he is remote learning this year due to Covid. That, plus work makes a schedule hard atm.
Right now the best I can post is as follows.

Mon - Thursday 12am-2am (EST) subject to change.

I also post to my YT channel a few times a week, but since the beginning of the year I have been taking a bit of a break to get some extra workouts in.
Nothing sexy here.
Xbox Series X
Stadia with Chromecast Ultra

Primary Monitor - BenQ EL2870U 28" 4K UHD HDR FreeSync Gaming Monitor
Secondary Monitor - BenQ ZOWIE RL2755T 27 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor
Microphone - Samson G track Pro
Camera - Logitech C922 and Logitech Brio
Lighting - Elgato Key light
background lights - (2) Hue Play lights
Keyboard and mouse - Razor Turret for XB1.
Capture Card - Elgato HD60S
Headphones - Steelseries Arctis Pro
You are already showing us support by hanging out with us and that is more than we could ever ask for, If you would like to do more you can follow us on other platforms with the links below. Sharing the stream goes a long way to help us reach our various goals. If you are so inclined to show support through tips and lemons that is greatly appreciated but never required.

I stream a variety of games but Dead by Daylight is my fav so I stick with it a lot.

Dead by Daylight
Back 4 Blood
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2
Friday the 13th
Resident Evil games
Hunt Showdown
Apex Legends (but I suck big time)
Home Sweet Home
other Stadia titles
If you want to add me on XB my GT is T00thy M0nster if you want to play along.
Are you on Stadia and want to add me?
GT is T00thyM0nster.
A little more about me.
So first I was very overweight.
Then got fit and healthy.
Then got hurt my ankle - 4 months no running.
Then Plantar Fascitis in my right foot - 13 months of being on my feet as little as possible.
Then I developed a cyst and Mortons Neuroma in my left foot, surgery, and another 5 months of no running.
Then possibly torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder but luckily I can run now.
While on the shelf from all the foot injuries I picked up streaming.