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About me: Hi! Call me Luka! I'm a streamer who just likes to play games and have a good time. I hope you can stick around to enjoy my streams when ever you decide to. Below you'll find a small bit of information about me, my goals, my streams, schedule and more. I hope you catch you around!

What do my donations go towards?: Doing giveaways for my audience occasionally, but more so for the sake of bettering my stream, being saved up to buy better equipment. First off is a new computer at 1400 USD. We will figure out what is next as we go along. Thank you for your support, everyone!

Why the new computer?: Well, I want to be able to stream more but often times I don't feel like playing the type of games my computer can spare the resources to stream, so often times it's a choice between playing what I want to play or streaming something else, and I would rather be able to enjoy myself as I do it. If I get a new pc able to handle both tasks at once, I would be streaming borderline every single day of the year, happily so. I love streaming, it's a lot of fun and I love engaging with people when I am not too airheaded to pay attention!

Why not just buy it yourself?: I am disabled, unfortunately, and cannot outright afford to build one on my own funds in any reasonable amount of time. This is why I'm going to have no choice but to rely on help from others who would enjoy seeing me around more to get this done. I would rather not go into further details.

What's up lately?: The sky >:)

What is my schedule?: Random. I will say that part of my disability has a symptom that makes it impossible for me to get a fixed sleeping cycle. Having tried multiple medications for this, nothing has worked so it is not practical for me to get a normal job by any means given where I live. So as a result I may be streaming in the middle of night where you are or in the early morning to the late afternoon. Don't worry, I'm not deprived of sleep, I just don't have a very fun time trying to keep track of when I should be sleeping. It takes an extreme amount of effort for me.

A little extra: I moved to Dlive for the majority of my attention while streaming because Dlive has a more pleasant community and the thot culture perpetuated by twitch and their abusive staff (Who still haven't banned Alinity) make me extremely uncomfortable. Now that Dlive has been shoved in my face as a good alternative, I love it, and I will continue to use it for my streaming needs alongside twitch. On that note, I never plan to become a partner/affiliate to the degree my streaming choices are limited, and I will never become impersonal to my audience by referring to everyone as a collective entity, unless I end up becoming hyper popular for some odd reason in which case it may be a little difficult to read messages or keep up. Honestly, I hate large amounts of personal attention so streaming may seem counter intuitive, but here I am, somehow loving it and the interactions.

Why no webcam?: I believe that when I am playing games, the overall focus should be about the game, how I'm playing it, and the personality I can add to the experience. Some people make their face part of their brand and personality, I how ever value anonymity and do not wish to drag along a "Thirst boy" audience that would carry over from places like twitch. I do not show what I look like because in the end, there is a demographic I wish to avoid at all costs that only exists because of promiscuous streamer girls who have zero care or respect for the platform and only want money. I don't want to compete for that demographic, I don't want to draw it in, I want it to not exist anywhere in my circles, so I will not show what I look like for those reasons. It's unfair to feed on it.

I hope you enjoy my streams!