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Hello, I'm Luka! I stream as a hobby because I love games, story telling, writing and more and it is more fun to hang out with people and meet new friends with common interests as I do.

What is my schedule?: Random. I have a disorder that makes it borderline impossible for me to sleep unless I'm tired. Having tried multiple medications for this, nothing has worked so it is not practical for me to get a normal job by any means given where I live. So as a result I may be streaming in the middle of night where you are or in the early morning to the late afternoon. Don't worry, I'm not deprived of sleep, I just don't have a very fun time trying to keep track of when I should be sleeping. It takes an extreme amount of effort for me.

A little extra: I have moved off of twitch to multiple platforms because Twitch's environment has become extremely uncomfortable. Now that Dlive, Mixer, and a platform I will not name has been shoved in my face as a good alternative set, I like them, and I will continue to use them for my streaming needs. On that note, I never plan to become a partner/affiliate to the degree my streaming choices are limited. I will never become impersonal to my audience by referring to everyone as a collective entity, unless I end up becoming hyper popular for some odd reason in which case it may be a little difficult to read messages or keep up. I do not want that though. Honestly, I can not handle large audiences. I prefer a community of 40- people.

Why no webcam?: I believe that when I am playing games, the overall focus should be about the game, how I am playing it, and the personality I can add to the experience. I will be getting a VR headset soon, though, so I may be able to do vtuber stuff! Some people make their face part of their brand and personality, I how ever value anonymity and do not wish to drag along an underheel audience that would carry over from places like twitch.

I hope you enjoy my streams!