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I make stupid videos!
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My best friend is making a video game! It's called Z-10: Multiversal! He has an offical subreddit and twitter!
If you really wanna support him he also has a patron!

Official Z-10 Subreddit :
Official Z-10 Twitter :

The whole concept of the game is that there is a team or was a team that travelled the multiverse. The game will have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLAY THROUGH for EVERY PERSON. No one will have the exact game/story every time. It's really really cool and if you want to know more check out the twitter and sub reddit!

On twitch I will be doing charity livestreams for the mental health organisation Mind, this charity is really important as my mum suffers from serious bi-polar and could snap and completely change. It is a very scary illness. My brother has serious schizophrenia which could also mean HE could snap at any moment. It's terrifying as the two people I love could become completely different people at any moment. The charity mind, works as hard as they can to provide support to people suffering from mental health or have it seriously affecting their lives. Mind has a talk to us page for anyone who has no one to talk to and is suffering.

This is their talk to us page :

This is their donation page :

Please consider donating to this helpful cause.