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♡┊ name: Luna :)
♡┊ location: PH
♡┊ age: 21
♡┊ ethnicity: Filipino
♡┊ first stream: 2/18/20
♡┊games I play: FPS, Roleplay, Survival, basically any games that I can play!

♡┊No Racism and Discrimination
♡┊ No Spamming
♡┊ Strictly NO Advertising (links of any platform unless w/ admins or MY approval)
♡┊ No Doxing
♡┊ No toxicity, let's be friendly and chill with everyone in the chat! :)

Failure to follow rules stated above may result to BAN!
Dono's aren't highly required but very much appreciated! It can help me to improve my stream/upgrades and the rest are for my family w/ special needs :)
To be posted soon! ♡