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My Story and what im About
I love anything paranormal, urban exploring, and upbeat stuff . I am a victim of a botched surgery has put me in a wheelchair walker rest of my life innless god see fit to make me a living magical . I went threw rehab for 4 months to get me walking again . I still have to use wheelchair out side of home . I am a sensitive and clairvoyant some say I am psychic. I may be I can tell people about there lives and read old pictures . I pick up stuff when I pass by places and people innless I'm blocked. I have to shut it off to be able to have a life . Love meditation, swimming, exploring, ghost hunting , I am in a group on Facebook called Willard library ghost chatters, I go every year for lock down in the 2nd most haunted library in the world in October. Great group of people . I read cards for family and friends I love life and the possibility of an afterlife someday . That has what has gotten me into the paranormal was having to learn to control my gift .it is a gift from God ❤