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about me
Hi, firstly thank you for reading this.

Age: 22

Borderline personality disorder gamer

Interests: Gaming, movies and tv shows. ( there's much more I wont bore you.

Location: UK - Great Britain

What I stream: gta fortnire
and others
Monday: 5- Anytime
Tuesday: 5 - Anytime
Wednesday: 5 - Anytime
Thursday:5 - Anytime
Friday: Anytime - : Anytime
Saturday: Anytime- Anytime
Sunday: Anytime- Anytime
The Main Goals I Have
-> To Become A Global Partner
-> To Become A Guardian
-> To Be Able To Help Small Streamers Achieve There Goals
-> To Stream Fulltime
Let mods do their job - don't get involved in drama
No Drama
No spamming
Don't be rude
Don't argue with mods
Have fun!
Don't ask me to open the chest - you'll get muted/banned
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i am josh from hull and i am 22
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Go check out my partner in the industry we both gave become great friend over our last few streams. he is great fun and always get me in a better mood.