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-Thanks for being here, guys. I'm primarily using Dlive to stream both Terraria & Fortnite at the moment. Please follow me on Twitch for the variety streams. (I stream on both REGULARLY!)

Thanks for dropping by! I'm MabiVsGames. I've been a content creator since 2013 and currently a full time employee at Corsair & Elgato! Yup, the same company that makes all the best peripherals for Content Creators! I'm mostly known for my Youtube which has 16 million views/40k subscribers and my Twitch channel which has 380k+ views and 12k+ followers! I've made the change over to Dlive and am loving it here! My ultimate goal is to make this my primary streaming platform, bring my community over, meet other Dlive members, and help grow this platform! I want to make this a welcoming and chill environment. Come on by whenever you can and enjoy the streams! (Miss any streams? I upload all of my playthroughs from the stream onto my main Youtube Channel MabiVsGames)

🔴Current Schedule:
Monday - Friday: Start Time = 4-5pm PST (2-5 hours usually)
Saturday - Sunday: Extra streams! Join the Discord for announcements/notifications

- (Main Youtube)
- (For Stream VODS)
- (Main Twitch)
- (For Re-Stream)
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- (Testing This Out)
-Discord: (IMPORTANT for updates!)

🔴Chat Rules:
(Guys, I'm not here to babysit. We're here to chill and have a great time appreciating games of all shapes and sizes! I have zero patience for those who cannot behave themselves accordingly. You will be banned and ignored if you continue to break these rules and troll)
1: Don't be a dick. I cannot stress this enough. No toxic behave tolerated.
2: Respect myself and mods. You'll receive the same amount of respect in return.
3: Have a question or need help? Ask a mod!
4: No spoilers of any kind regardless of topic
5: No caps, unauthorized links, or spamming
6: No BACK SEAT GAMING (see point #1)
8: No asking for Follow for Follow
9: No self advertising

🔴Dlive Stream Statistics:
Last Updated: 06/21/19
-Total Dlive Streams: [30]
-Total DliveHours Streamed: [105]
-Joined Dlive: 04/22/19
-Dlive Verified Partnership Obtained: 06/21/19

🔴Terraria Epic Modpack SE16 List:
-ARPG Loot
-Auto Trash
-Base Mod
-Beyond The Forgotten Ages
-Boss Checklist
-Boss Cursos
-Calamity Mod
-Celestial Gifts
-Dual Wielding
-Even More Modifiers
-Expeditions Add-ons
-Expeditions Base
-Expeditions Content Pack
-Fargo's Mutant Mod
-Fargo's Soul Mod
-Fun Death Sounds
-Loot Bags
-Magic Storage
-More Chest Loot
-More Accessories+
-Mystic Lands
-Qwerty's Bosses and Items
-Recipe Browser
-Shop Expander
-Spirit Mod
-Thorium Mod
-Various Weathers
-Where Are My Items
-Which Mod Is This From?
-Wing Slot
-Yet Another Boss Health Bar
-Pinky Mod