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#1:Don't spam
#2:Do not spoil any games being played
#3: No racism or bullying
#4: No putting or asking for time/location/other similar personal info in chat
#5: Respect the game choice and do not complain about it
#7: No excessive vulgarity
#8: Don't post links or images that promote other streamers/cosplayers, are pornographic, gore related or of malicious intent
#9: Respect the streamers, mods, and other viewers.
#10: Banter between two people is fine, personally attacking someone is not
#11: Keep the Chat and Discord clear of religion and politics
About me
##age: 28
##location: Sweden
###Want to know more, just ask.

**my name is Linus "Maddog Warhammer" i am a youtuber, streamer and a smallfry/minor chef.**

**so ... let me explain a bit about my channel. At first glance, am I here to become more popular? Am I here to make money? or am I here to stand out from the crowd? maybe, maybe and absolutely. My real goal is to meet new and interesting people, to get to know new friends but to also develop myself as a person and as a streamer and as a youtube gamer. I can sit at home and play a new and highly developed game or even a vintage game that's hard to grab, but all that leads to is that I can not get anything from it without anyone else seeing and pointing out something of what I do, until now. My name is Maddog Warhammer welcome to my channel.**
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