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Lost Ark Dutch (Nederlands)
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Hello and welcome to my channel!

I am Madonfire. Although most people call me Madon. I’m 36 years of age and I live in the Netherlands. I've been playing games as long as I can remember. My love for gaming started on an IBM computer playing hangman and frog. Later gone over to the Gameboy and other consoles, All systems I've kept. I've been streaming since 2011 on a couple of different accounts on JustinTV, now also known as Twitch. But I've started taking streaming more seriously and kept streaming With Alias MadonfireWoW since 2014. Since 2019 I changed my name into Madonfire as it became available for the first time.  I stream on Multiple Platforms at the same time. Twitch, Youtube, and Dlive. some under the new name Madonfire and others with my old name MadonfireWoW.
I love to have a good understanding of the games I play and give my viewers my help and thought process. so don't be too shy to chat, because I would love to help you out and share my thoughts and have a good time together. I am always open to constructive feedback so I can keep improving my channel. If you want to know more about me personally, all you have to do is ask! As I'm sure, I will answer you shortly.
I hope you'll enjoy the stream!
•Chat can be either English or Dutch.
Keep in mind that I might respond in English anyway.

•No Negative comments to Anyone or about the Stream.

•No Offensive Language.

•No Offensive Links.

•No Trolling in a harmful manner.

•And most of all Be Respectful to Everyone!

Violating any or all chat rules could result in a 600sec (10mins) Timeout and/or ban.
**Donations are not necessary, but are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your generosity.*
Since my new job, I can't handle a real schedule due to working in shifts. Trying to be online when I can. If you want to know when I go live, I suggest following my twitter account because I post when I'm about to go live on there.
**Hard Disk:** SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 1TB
•**Grapthics Card:** Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super 8GB
•**RAM:** 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400 MHz
•**Hard Disk:** SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 1TB
•**CPU:** Intel Core i9 9900K/ 3.6 GHz
•**CPU Cooler:** Corsair Hydro Series Liquid Cooler
•**Motherboard:** Asus Prime B360M-A Socket 1151 LGA
•**Power Supply:** Crosair 700 Watt
•**Gaming Mouse:** Crosair Scimitar Pro RBG
•**Gaming Keyboard:** Crossair K70 RGB MK.2
•**Headphones:** Audio Technica ATH-M50x
•**Microphone:** Audio Technica AT3035
•**Phantom Power Mixer:** Steinberg / Yamaha UR28M
•**Computer Speakers:** Logitech Z533 2.1
•**Computer Case:** Crossair Carbide 275Q
•**Computer Monitors:** Acer P235H and an BenQ BL2480T
•**Webcam:** Logitech Brio 4k & Logitech HD Pro C920
•**Mouse Accessory:** Razer Mouse Bungee
•**Studio Lights:** 2x Linkstar RL-18V
•**Streaming Program:** OBS Studio
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