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Hey there!

I joined DLive mid June and started to properly stream on Dlive beginning of Aug (decided to quit Twitch Aug 9th and focus more on DLive).
I am a variety streamer who will be doing chatting, art and gaming streams. I don't have an exact schedule at the moment, but I usually start my streams at 7:30pm UK time during the week and random times at weekends if I do stream.

When I'm not streaming, I am in my Discord:
💬 💬
Sometimes I moan on twitter:
🐤 🐤
Sometimes I get vain and post on Instagram :
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Please follow these simple rules for the chat.

📝 Respect each other and treat others how you would like to be treated.
📝 Please do not discriminate others based on sex/race/disabilities.
📝 Please do not spam as it makes it difficult to keep up with the chat if there are a lot of people in the chat.
Sometimes if I'm playing a game, there are some tense moments that require my attention over chat, but I will respond when it calms down. There is no need to spam.
📝 Please do not backseat game if I am doing a gaming stream, if I need help I will ask.
📝 Please speak English as it makes me uncomfortable if I don't understand you and cannot respond back to you. Also most of the people in the chat speak English so you wouldn't get any response as others would not understand you.
📝Please don't ask for the chest to be opened and enjoy the stream!

People who do not follow these rules will get a warning and be timed out as a second warning.
Consistently breaking the rules will result in you being muted in the chat.
🍌Banana suit goes on at 5K Donation during a stream and worn for rest of stream.
🦄Unicorn mask will be worn for a mini dance party for some fun and laughs at 10K donation during a stream.

Donations are not mandatory or expected, but much appreciated.

💎 Diamonds 💎
For every diamond donated, I will stick a sparkly gem sticker on my face during the stream.
🚗 Ninjaghini 🚗
For every ninjaghini donated, I will stick 3 gem stickers (You can pick the colours if I have diff colours!) on my face or a heart sticker and take a shot of random alcohol that I have on hand (I will let you know what I have available and give you the choice of which one). Bare in mind, I am a light weight and rarely drink.
✈ Ninjet ✈
For every Ninjet donated, I will stick 2 hearts made out of gem on my face, take 3 shots and will also trigger the unicorn time!

Donations to the stream help bring more content to the stream as well as help pay for bills/food.
Donations are not mandatory or expected, but much appreciated.

For those who want to donate money instead of LINO, you can do it via this link
💖 💖
TTS Enabled on donations $1+
Media Share donations will be enabled during the times I am just chatting on stream 👍
I currently don't have a set schedule at the moment as I am currently working an ongoing temporary job during the week until further notice.

I mainly stream on Friday or weekends on DLive, but I do sometimes stream in the week if I can.

You can find my upcoming streams at :
You can hang out with fellow followers in the Minion Cave:

I usually chat on there when I am off stream, play games with others on the discord channel and even do game giveaways randomly!

There is also a group on Steam for the PC gamers who might want to play a few games off stream with me and fellow minions: