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Hi Everyone, I'm 27 from the UK and I am a Variety Streamer here on dlive

welcome to my dlive channel, ive been a gamer for as long as i can remember. so now i want to bring you all along on my gaming journey, watch me play a campaign, multiplayer game or any other game inbetween.

you can expect to see games from a wide variety of genres, such as sea of theives, wwe 2k, borderlands, etc
Mon - Fri 8:30pm GMT

Some Weekend Streams

i may stream twice in one day, ie morning stream and evening stream, and sometimes days and times may vary

Please note streaming times and days may vary as i work full time and stream part time.
Please Respect Viewers in the chat and also the Streamer,

>DO NOT type in all CAPS.
>DO NOT post links, self promotion. The only exception is from the Streamer.

>DO NOT be rude, vulgar, racist, bully, sexist or anything of the sort in chat.
I am a part of the TGU network, which is a community ran by streamers for streamers, and our aim is to help each other grow in the streaming community. we are always looking to expand the network so feel free to join.

When you join, just say that you are from DLive so we can put you in the DLive Streamer role.

join the tgu discord by clicking the interactive discord panel
This channel is an official DLive Affiliate channel.
One of the great ways to support my channel is by subscribing for 298 LP a month.
this greatly supports me and is not required but greatly appreciated