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?Hello! My name is Amanda but you can call me Mandy!?

- My name is Mandy or Amanda
- I am 21 years old
- I REALLY like the color purple
- I am mainly a YouTuber
- IGN: MandyMiss (for basically everything)
- I am a spiritual person

- Be kind and respectful towards the streamer! If you do not like the rules that are set up here, then leave.
- Be respectful to everyone in the chat!
- No hate speech, racism, sexism, or homophobia
- Do NOT spam!
- No self-promotion.
- I do NOT add people as friends on Hypixel, Mineplex, Steam, Fortnite, etc. Unless I know them. Sowwy!
- Have fun! ♡

- !discord
- !yt
- !twitter