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Greeting Dlive Viewers!

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My name is Elmer but you can call me ManicFX I've been a gamer since i was a kid (90s guy here) i'm very outgoing and very energetic . i love to speak my mind.

A little about myself, I'm married with 2 Dogs and a Daugther on the way.

I love playing RPGs & FPS . I played Modern Warfare 2 professionally and went to tournaments; but quit because lets face it, I'm getting old!

I moved to this platform from twitch, where I had about 2000 folIowers. Dlive has a much more friendly atmosphere and a community vibe to it.

If you'd like to keep up with when I go live, updates to my schedule; follow my twitter! and join my discord!

I'm Very excited to See Where Dlive takes me and the amazing adventure i will have here!.


Now for a few questions you might ask of me.

Q)what games do you play?

A) I play a veriaty of games From genres like, FPS, RPG, MMORPGs, and so on i really enjoy playing many games that interest me to a certain extent

Q)What made you want to stream on ?

A) I have been keeping an eye on since it was released it. At the time I was (still) streaming on Twitch and i am still enjoying it. but now that im seeing movig up slowly i decided to hop on the wagon and get an early start while its still fresh .

Q)What are your goals for Dlive?

A) My goals are simple and very straight forward. I want to make my community grow and further my channel past its limits. knowing my own limitation i want to use that as my strength to further my streaming career.

Q)Will you try and go for Partnership on ?

A) Yes & no, Partnership is amazing yes but the main focuse me is to grow first build a fanbase and a loyal cocurrent viewership. then i wll go for partnership.

Q)How do you handle criticism?trolls?haters?

A) Simple for Criticism i take pretty well i love hearing peoples thoughts on my streams and what could have been better. Now for trolls & Haters? there is many ways to deal with them but simply put just ignore them. Block them ban them but most of all take that and make it fuel for you . Never let anyone get you down .

Thats is all for now everyone if you have any question about me please feel free to ask im very friendly so don't be shy.

Hope you enjoy my streams.