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A little about me and my promise to God
I have found often information of women who served in the military is difficult to find. When I was able to find information of women who have served, I was in love. I also admit that being a Christian in the military was quit difficult at times. To be honest, I felt many times pulled between two worlds. I now believe that is sometimes the point.
During my military service, I wanted to know more about these brave women lives. I wanted to know what made them defy opinions and gender roles of their times, society, and or culture. I wanted to grow more in my faith and relationship with God. Finally, I was reborn 2008 and although I have fallen short from time to time; I am very happy to have been found.
I told myself to keep my memories of my service in the military. I would track events of experiences in journals and with pictures. I would keep as many keep sakes as I could. I would take pictures and later videos/recordings; lets just say I have more than many would like.
I had no idea when I joined the military how much I would fall in love not only with my calling from God in life, but how difficult that love of calling would turn out to be.
I loved my time as an active duty U.S. Marines. Although I had wonderful memories, I unfortunately have terrible nightmares and betrayals.
My channel is a therapy of sorts. A praise to God for delivering me from the desert.
My account of my experiences as a Marine. My growth in the Lord my God, savior, and Holy Spirit.
I hope in many ways to help others in ways I wasn’t helped and support those in ways I was supported. Above all, I pray to bring others closer to Christ. I may not be the best Christian, but we all have to start somewhere and sometime; so why not here and now.