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Welcome everybody and thank you for checking out my channel. In here I stream random games which pretty much depends from my mood or if viewers wants to see a certain game I have. So if you like to watch when I play, follow me. It means a lot for me.

If you want to suggest me a game, message me that game name and I can look after it later.
Something about me
My name is Mark5019 and I'm 23 years old gamer and I live in Finland.

I don't want to tell my real name because I don't like my name that much so I'm just going with Mark.

If you have any questions, ask me by sending me a message or send it in the chat as I usually watch around it as well and I will answer to it except if the questions are way too personal.
Chat rules!
As everyone knows the first rule: Respect everybody. Even the viewers and mods.

Don't spam too much. (Most of the people knows that is annoying).

Cursing is allowed but don't do it all the time.

Caps is ok, but don't use it all the time.

Be polite and friendly to everybody, even for the viewers who is watching my stream for the first time.

Be patient if my stream goes black or doesn't show anything, I try to fix it but if I don't notice it, mention me in chat or something.

Posting links is ok but don't send 18+ links, virus links etc.

Don't troll anyone, it's not cool.

Racism, racist comments and/or suspicious actions is ban for you.
Not 100 % done just yet but feel free to join in!