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Welcome to my discord
Hey there and welcome. you can call me Maru Shard or just Maru. I mostly draw anime styleised wolves but sometimes I will try to draw other things. I really appreciate all the follows ^-^
other plasces you can find me
Come join GooeyBone's discord its a lot of fun

~Art requests~
-Only For Close Friends-
-Only Doing Bases For Now-
~! I Don't Do NSFW ART
>Limited Slots At A Time<
#1 -Open-
#2 -Open-
#3 -Open-
-Bases Can Be Mine Or Someone Else's- ! Must Show Proof It Is Ok To Color Via Screenshot Of Where Or Who You Got It From If Not Mine !
I can now take money for payment or donations! just go to my discord and let me know what base you want colored and what you want like color wise
Note: half of what i make for coloring bases that aren't mine i donate to the original artist just make sure its ok with them for me to do that first and half of what i make with my art or through donations will go to my brother who is sharing his paypal with me

My apolagese for any miss spelling I try XD

Hey everyonen i have big news i made my own discord account where you can buy and sell art, things are still being put together and i have to make sure all the rules are set befor i let anyone new sell art there but your more then welcome to come look through the few pieces of art available to buy or gaze upon. i hope to see you there ^-^
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Kuya has a special goal, if he reaches 500 followers withen the week he will draw a recardo gif of himself! he does art and gaming

GooeyBonez, one of my inspirations for art and a lot of other things he does art and gaming

ArchMessenger he does art and gaming

Azumi she does art

DocCho he plays amazing music

fedpanda he makes awesome beats and cooks

sparklepanda aka sparklewithsara she cookes and does other stuff
Reiyax does awesome art