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Streamer is offline
Been gaming since 1980
Not an entertainer / cosplayer / content creator... Just an old gamer who streams and rants, that's it.

I suffer from a condition called:
"Goldfish Memoryitis"
Basically I forget names, what I was talking about after interruptions, etc...
I do remember if reminded tho.
So help me remember, just don't remind me of my condition...

Speak: English and French (mainly)
I don't have an accent, you do...

Streaming since 09-2019
-Have fun kinda streamer
(I laugh at myself and others)

Will do variety game streams but will PRIORITIZE actual and upcoming Riot games for 2020

-League Of Legends (Casual only)
-Team Fight Tactics
-Legends of Runeterra
-Upcoming Riot games...

-Poker Championship
-And more Steam games...

-Heroes of the Storm
-Starcraft I and II
-Diablo II and III

NOTE: All games are played on NA servers
-Please be nice to others, treat them with respect, kindness and be helpful!

-Inappropriate names will be banned

-No begging for donations, follows, etc...

-No promotions (Unless you are part of The Cult of Tears or auth. by me)

-Nobody cares about your political views, religion, what kind of pronoun you use or what kinda sex you have.

-On this channel, we are all equal (1's and 0's).

Chat Commands
!commands = List of commands
!awesome = Try it!
!cultoftears = Cult web page
!discord = Cult of tears Discord
!follow = Marv's Twitter
!love = Try it!
!streamaid = Streamaid page (support)
!twitter = Cult of Tears Twitter
!uptime = Time live
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Eastern Time
US east coast
UTC -4

Mon. to Fri. 14:00 to 20:00 (approx.)

*May vary follow me on Twitter for updates.
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Welcome to the Cult of Tears!

We're a young yet rapidly growing community of active live streamers, content creators and viewers who support one another, help each other grow and improve. We have a very social and friendly atmosphere where you can find people to play games with, chat or simply share memes.

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