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Hey there, I'm Maso. I'm a variety streamer from Scotland but I'm mostly here for banter. I like story driven games, psychological horrors, post apocalyptic, sci-fi, robots/cyborgs and steampunk games. I tend to overanalyse situations I've been put in or put myself in so don't hesitate to take advantage and use the TidyLabs commands provided, my emotions are at your disposal!

This is a place for entertainment. Please don't take my humour or attitude too seriously, but please enjoy the stream.

WARNING! - CringeMode randomly activates.

This stream follows the dlive community guidelines and respects the dlive TOS and it expects its viewers to do the same. I know a lot of people don't have time to go through every rule on every website they go on but use common sense and enjoy your time here.

NO Racism, NO Sexism, NO Homophobia, NO Political or Religious discussions, NO toxicity in chat.

Depending on the severity of offence, users may be let off with a warning.. other offences will result in an immediate ban. RESPECT THE MODS.

These times are Greenwich Mean Time.

[ 4pm - 8pm ] - MONDAY (GMT)
[ 4pm - 8pm ] - TUESDAY (GMT)
[ 4pm - 8pm ] - WEDNESDAY (GMT)
[ 4pm - 8pm ] - THURSDAY (GMT)
[ 4pm - 8pm ] - FRIDAY (GMT) - Converter

I may stream randomly on weekends and event days, during which I may stream for over 8 hours.

Every 30 minutes active users will receive 20 Gil, subscribers will receive 50 Gil!

!me - Displays how much Gil you have
!leader - Displays Gil leaderboards

!fart - 10 Gil (Fart command)
!die - 20 Gil (Threaten command)
!death - 20 Gil (Death command)

Commands have 1 minute cooldown.

NOTE: Prices and commands subject to change.

[] Current Games []

Assassins Creed: Valhalla
Doki Doki Literature Club
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Outlast 2
Resident Evil 7

[] Future Games []

Dead Space 2 - Finish Dead Space
Dead Space 3 - Finish Dead Space 2
Cyberpunk 2077 - 19th Nov 2020
Path of Exile 2 - TBA
New World - TBA

[] Completed Games []

Unheard - 6/10
The Suicide of Rachel Foster - 7/10
Alien: Isolation - 7/10
Blair Witch - 6/10
Outlast - 7/10


• 10+ Hour Stream
• Chest opening every hour
• Gil rewards
• and more!