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Hello there how you doing i am known by most either as Legion - Master Frost.
I am just some British guy that thought i would give Dlive a go i can be quite vulgar so fair warning for any under 18's.

I would share who i am and what i do for a living but what is the point lmao i don't need anymore hate from people online i get it enough in person.

Feel free to check out my lovely Community we just recently made a Patreon and Twitter to expand on since we hit 280+ members on Discord.
Sadly this is a English ONLY community, everyone is welcome no matter what they as long as they can write English
⓵ Respect all members. This includes no trolling, rude behaviour, creating drama, or being an annoyance.
⓶ No spamming. Any attempt to spam will result in an timeout.
⓷ NSFW (Not Safe For Work) links are prohibited
⓷ Advertising other Discord communities is prohibited.
⓸ No excessive vulgar language or offensive language. This is a mature channel, however minors may be accessing it. This is a friendly community.
⓹ No backseat moderating or gaming. We appreciate your efforts, but we'd prefer that you keep the moderating to the Moderators, as that's why we have them.
⓺ The moderation team has the right to take action against any users without question.
⓻ No Racism at any given moment same goes for homophobic remarks
⓼ No Politics at any given moment

Breaking any of the above rules will get you axed by a Moderator
Feel free to contact me at
my work email so don't spam it unless you want to be auto ignored.
Join my discord to get involved with the community and get auto entered to Giveaways!

Simply click the image to be invited to discord.
Twitter is brand new give us a follow and see what we post in the future you are sure to like it!:

YouTube Coming Soon!
Twitch Coming Soon!
Mixer Coming Soon!
Maybe a Dlive Community channel? in the future all depends on how we expand as a community in whole
My Personal Twitter i never use it but you never know i might now!
Click the image to go to our new Patreon page.
as a whole Community including mine i always do 2 giveaways every month that involve 2 - 3 winners if the community grows nicely i will consider upping that to 4 - 6 people per giveaway, Before we think about giving away higher priced stuff i tend to like to get rid of the cheaper keys we have first so we can work up to a brighter future with higher priced games ready and waiting to be given away!
So i have a built in point system linked to my Discord account that does all the giveaways if winners take the games or not they still gain points, Not winning will also give you points based on activity for this month you gain points per hour you can get up to 50 with Legion Slave tag and some other Tags that are exclusively given to Close friends or helpers + other streamers - Youtubers content creators.

the way the point system works is every month you get max up to 200 points with activity you get a % bonus based on rolls that can over do that hard cap.

when someone hits 2000 points you can Buy a 14.99 Game from G2A with these points simply @ Master Frost in Discord server to find out how many points you have and he will tell you if you got enough if you do he will ask you for a for a game that name that is on on price range of 14.99 max and will give you a key for that said game.

Please note leaving the discord server at any point and rejoining will reset you're points you currently had and give you a -50% penalty gain in points for 2 months, On the off chance it was a mistake that you left you can request support for it and we will see how long between the time you left and rejoined if is between 24hours to 48hours you will be given half the points back including only -5% gain penalty to points.