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The Cult of Tears
Welcome to the Cult of Tears!

We're a young yet rapidly growing community of active live streamers, content creators and viewers who support one another, help each other grow and improve. We have a very social and friendly atmosphere where you can find people to play games with, chat or simply share memes.

For people who want a chance to play a more active part in the community they can become a community streamer; this means you can promote your own stream content within the Cult's community while also supporting other streamers and repping our Discord! If this is something that interests you, please contact See or for details.

Outside of that, please feel free to use the #self-promotion channel for other promotions outside of streaming, such as youtube, soundcloud etc, #content-support if you need help with anything technical and the #ventilation-shaft if you just need to vent!

Our website - Nearly done!
Out twitter:

Amazing group of streamers so please do drop by the discord and say hey! You'll not be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy it here <3
About Me!
Just an easy going guy who loves to play games and to chat to new people! Since joining I've been welcomed by so many streamers and I wanna return the favor to those who are finding their feet! As well as seasoned streamers!

Feel free to drop me a message on my discord Mattification#4026. I'm always open to feedback and game requests!

If you wanna join my discord server "The Fam" Once you've joined. Let me know and I'll send you a sticker I've had made for us ;) I'm trying to build a fun place for people to chat and squad up for games! The server link is here;

Just a bit about me, If you've not guessed it already, My names Matt! I'm 24 from the UK!

All follows and contributions are massively appreciated and I thank you muchly! Like. Lots. Also more than happy to jump on and play some games with you as well if you wanted!

If you want any awesome custom stickers creating for you then head over to Cr4zyKmanGaming ! He makes free custom stickers however donations would be a massive help for him! this is his channel link if needed -

!register (this is for the uptime, my lino & game commands if you would like to add them to your own stream)

Hope the rest of your day is awesome!