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Max and Haf at your service! Couple who loves to play Video games, Both Otaku, Both crazy Couples! Haf is my boyfriend, 2nd Owner and also the Jackass of the channel, I, Max the most annoying person you guys going to watch! Fabrice a.k.a former Owner and now editor is my ONE AND ONLY EDITOR!

If you are looking for some fun, wholesome, craycray couple streaming variety of games.. YOU COME INTO THE RIGHT PLACE!

HafizJ (My Boyfriend)
Hafiz1431 (HafizJ other account)
Here's the games we play! We play Variety of Games! I'll put my IGN (In-Game Name) too!

Blizzard Games

Overwatch (Hiyori#11686)
-Heroes of the Storm
-WoW (Soon)

All stream games!

-Grand Theft Auto V
-Destiny 2
-Rainbow Six Siege (HIYOR1)

Other games!
-League of Legend (NA server but soon)
-DS Games
Here's where you can watch my Let's Play, Highlight of Reviews, etc!
Since I haven't got my PayPal yet I can't do any donation box for My Channel

You can Support me for now by clicking the Subscribe Button on my YouTube Channel at:

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You can also donate at My Stream Elements at
I use DLive & Mixer as My Main Streaming Platform~ I stream in both platform! Please give ya girl a support and FOLLOW MY MIXER~
Here's where We are all active during Weekends! and mostly Everyday!
Here's our Facebook Page! Don't forget to like our page!
Here's where We upload pics... of cats maybe our faces soon!
Here's My BitTubers Channel~ I upload here what I upload on YouTube and maybe something I can't upload
Here's My FruitLab channel for y'all gamers!

Use my CODE to get PIPS!
Here's our Discord Server! Just msg Me, Haf, or Fabrice
I don't have my proper Gaming Setup yet.. But I can assure you that soon, I'm going to have a really decent and can stream in HD.

I only play in Gaming Cafe due to ya girl is still broke.. You can look at the Support Panel in case you want to help me chase my dreams!