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Have fun Be nice to each other... That is all.
Thank you all so much for helping me through good times and bad. Now may be the worst time for some people and please Dont take from yourself or a family to help me... But, If you can please Donate to PayPal.Me/ Lemons will be redistributed throughout Dlive helping with subs.
I am using a HP business computer converted to Gaming, EVGA GTX GeForce 1050ti 4GB SSC i5-2400 2 harddrives 500 GB. an Emerson monitor, A Playstation 4, El Gato capture card and Razor heaphones/mic. Looking to upgrade to smart TVs to be more compatible with system set up. Have been chatting on Dlive for 3 years now and just recently joined the streaming community. I am having fun, learning, sharing each and everyday.
If there are problems with the link, say something to me, PayPal.Me/ ... and thank you so much.