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Dlive is a streaming platform that rewards the streamer AND the viewer! Dlive runs off a currency called LINO, which you can buy or simply EARN from watching your favourite streamer!
Welcome to my Dlive channel! I'm mainly a Youtube streamer (150,000 subscribers) , but I'm trying things out over here! Be sure to drop a follow if you enjoy your stay, and be sure to check out my other socials below!

To Donate on Dlive, simply add LINO to your Dlive account and send in either a lemon (1 Lino), Ice Cream (10 Lino), Diamond (100 lino), NINJAGHINI (1,000 lino) or a ULTIMATE NINJET (10,000 lino) all donations are greatly appreciated and REALLY help towards streaming Full Time! Alternatively if you choose to donate externally, you can donate via my streamlabs here -
- Be respective to other users in the chat
- Do not ask about opening the chest
- Limit swearing and use of bad language (There's kids about!)
EARN LINO for FREE by just watching the stream! Lino is accumulated automatically depending on how active the chat and donations are which is great! You also have the option to buy LINO if you wish (similar to bits on twitch)

When the chest is getting full, I will open the chest and the MOST ACTIVE user in the chat will be REWARDED with the biggest cut of the LINO points available!
We are LIVE EVERY SINGLE DAY on this channel, but times may vary. However, you can expect MeelayyB to be live at around 4:00PM-7:00PM EVERY DAY, and EVEN LONGER on DLIVE DAY each week!