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Be the change in D-Live you want to see. #streamforthepeople

~Why do I stream?~
Look at me as 'that guy on the internet'. I dont just stream games.I more so stream whatever I'm doing on the pc and more. As long as I'm not DOXing myself or here for just a few minutes: I'll be streaming it. Art, videos, games, whatever.

Let's build acommunity of friends; not fans.
Rules of 'etiquette':
- Try to be nice to others. Trolling is fun, but don't be outright abusive to peeps. I'm fair game, though, so feel free to be mean to me. :P
- Can you play this song?
sure. just post the link. just know, if you send me something against ToS: you lose song request privileges.
- Memes, tryhards, edge lords, toxic kids, etc are all welcome. Fuck censorship!
- No SJW whining. Not really a rule, more of a suggestion. I don't care about your micro-aggressions and trigger warnings.
- Please spam responsibly and in moderation.
- I play games how I enjoy playing them. Don't like it? Go watch something else.
More about me:
I am a lifelong gamer and goof, just looking for people to hang out with. I'm a husband and father. My wife and I work opposite shifts. This is my ME time.
My break from everything. I would be playing games anyways, so why not broadcast it?

I treat streaming like gaming with friends back when I was kid. One person played and the others watched. If I was able to pass the controller: I would.

If we are playing a multiplayer game and you have it or want it: let me know.

I'm more than happy to play with ANYONE.

Games bring us together, lets keep that up.