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Why hello there young people! You may know me as Sonic.exe but you can just call me sonic. I am your new leader and you must listen to me. As your new leader, I expect the following. Obey all commands from me. Any refusal from obeying will result in immediate termination of your avatar. You will however, have one appeal to potentially reactivate your avatar. Your avatar allows you access to Sonic.exe INC. with rooms labeled Y-T, T-CH, D-C, T-W, D-L, G-D each room contains a form of interaction with our company. Please make sure you treat each room with exact care. Any attempt to alter these rooms will result in Termination of your avatar. Our rules are fair and you will not complain about our rules. Any wish to have the rules changed will cause chaos among our community.
- Keep all behavior clean. We may have young ones inside.
- No Politics, Religion or anything that can cause arguements.
- Do not share your custom rooms. They can cause mix-ups causing others to believe that they are official Sonic.exe INC. rooms.
- If one of our guards warns you of a specific action that you may be doing, obey him or your avatar will be Terminated.
- Be chill and don't be dumb.
Here is where all Sonic.exe INC live stream archives can be accessed along with extra bonus content that will be posted from time to time.
We use T-CH as another source of live streaming.
D-C is a place to relax/chill with the avatars here at Sonic.exe INC. Be aware that all rules apply in the D-C room as well.
T-W is where I will post stream/video announcements as well as other things going on in my life as I so please to share.
G-D is pretty much like the D-C room but with additional features & channels. Somethings posted from the G-D room will also be automatically posted to the D-C room.
Our website is a place to find all rooms along with extra stuff such as applying for guard, reporting avatars and more!