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What this channel is dedicated to, is video gaming play through, PVP, walk through and old school games as well as projects cosplay, and prop making, fantasy map drawing tutorials and gaming in cosplay
About me

I've been a gamer since grade school, I first started playing on NES and even did some short game recordings in VHS but never really got into recording game-play until recently. I am a huge Final Fantasy gamer, I own almost every Final Fantasy game in the main franchise including the Japanese release titles. I primarily play Final Fantasy XIV the most. Most of my streams will consist of that game.

I started playing Fallout long before it became popular, the late 90's PC versions 1,2 and Tactics, and still prefer that game-play style of Fallout over the newer fast paced first person shooters.

Besides RPG and Shooters I play fighter games although I'm not too good at them but still fun to play. I like games that take a long time to finish and have a good strong structured story-line, which can make me feel like a part of the game.

When I'm not playing video games I spend a lot of time writing. I write a lot of Sci-fi short stories and fantasy world short stories. I make maps for all the worlds in my stories and started uploading the maps online to share with others.

I'm a master cosplayer and prop maker, I do a lot of technical work for stage theater making props, set painting and stage construction. Its a lot of work but very rewarding. I have made almost 100 cosplay costumes and continue making more. I have recently started streaming gameplay in cosplay.
If you like to chat directly, or join me in a game. You may join my discord.
Upcoming conventions 2019
Frozen Dead Guy Days
Colorado Anime Fest
Nan Desu Kan
Anime NebKon
Nan Desy Kan NYE
This is my main youtube channel. I will posy some of my gameplay videos here, but most my videos have been cosplay and anime convention related.
Twitter: Teznor@milehighbrit
Instagram: Matareno92
Snapchat Kiyarsa
TikTok Teznor@milehighbrit
Liveme Kiyarsa
Games you can join me in
Steam Community
FFXI: Kiyarsa
FFXIV: (Faerie Server) Kiyarsa V'orkaz
Eve Online: Kiyarsa Til'kavi
Rust: Laggin' Dragon
PSN: Soylentb0b
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Rules about chat:

1. Be nice to others and me.
2.No political or religious propaganda.
3. No hate speech.
4. No spamming the chat!
5. Have fun

Can I play a game with Kiyarsa?
Yes, totally! Including a stream snipe, let's have fun.
My Hardwere

Gigabyte PC
AMD i5 2.3Ghz
8gb ram
Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB
Logitech 720p Webcam
Red Dragon Karura K502 keyboard
Logitech g600 mouse
Samson Go Mic