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About me
Hello and welcome to the weird side of the internet.
Name's Millenay and I will be your host.
Buckle in and enjoy the streams.

This is the channel of bad internet. If you see that the stream has gone choppy, or that there is a huge lag in games... Don't worry, it's just my internet.
Feel free to follow if you like my streams and want to see more of them.

All we want on this channel is fun. Join me for streams and some good fun. Interact with people in chat.
And don't worry, I am active in chat, so I will see what you write, and will answer the moment you ask a question. :D
So yeah, I'll probs die a lot and die in weird and funny ways. But there are games where I'll be concentrated and will miss a chat or something,
but I will read it out later and answer your question when I can :D

Fell free to follow and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fell free to donate to my pay pall, as I can't use lino to cash out. Plus this is a place where you can pay me for art commissions!

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I'm one of main people on a tech and gaming website please check it out :D
Also if you want to play on Geek Power Minecraft server you will find the password and the server IP here :D
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You can join in to the STILL unfinished Discord of mine -------------- Mah Twater
Instagraaaaaaam ------------------------- Mah youtube
You can find me on deviantart at: